Posted on Nov 19, 2020

"3HLE" Automation et Robotique SA

Automating visual inspection helps manufacturers to improve productivity, quality and profitability. It allows having control and visibility over the production in Realtime 24/7. The Deep neuronal network helps solving challenging vision applications within minutes instead of requiring an expert finetuning during weeks and modifying parameters frequently during production shifts. Deep learning-based image analysis helps absorbing natural variations & deviations of good products but handles easily variation of defects as well.

The robustness and consistency of Retina deep learning software is a powerful tool helping operators to decide quicker the conformity of the product so that operators can concentrate on their main specific task with higher added-value.

Deep learning-based image analysis enables manufacturers to automate their production lines with the most advanced visual inspections algorithm for catching challenging defects to enhance products quality within minutes.
With Retina deep learning software, there is no need to be a Data scientist, a Deep learning expert nor a Computer vision engineer to be able to deploy quickly an A.I. vision inspection solution.
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