Posted on Dec 15, 2018

"3HLE" Automation et Robotique SA

Did you know that American "K-Cup Coffee Capsules" production machines are designed and manufactured with high precision and high quality "Swiss Made" standard? The quality inspections are performed on each step of the production process on individual capsule.

The complex and high speed visual quality inspections are based on "Artificial Intelligence" deep learning server solutions. "3HLE" Automation et Robotique SA under the supervision of Huy-Hoang LÊ is happy to warranty "Americans" the best coffee experience from the start through the end of the day.

"3HLE" is active in Watches and Foods Industries. If you are concerned of "Ecology and Environement", feel free to contact "" to discuss about improving or retrofitting your production increasing throughput and reducing waste using cutting edge technologies.

Design, production and implementation by "3HLE"​ Automation et Robotique SA:
- "Artifical Intelligence" Deep Learning servers.
- Software inspections, interface and communication.
- Vision systems design and specifications.

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